Quality and the environment

Our iron-silicate products are produced specifically in a continuous melting process. This results in consistent material properties, which ensure high density, resistance to weathering and a long lifetime. The quality of the iron-silicate products is monitored in authorised laboratories to ensure the technological properties are maintained.

Iron-silicate stone and granulate are anchored in all the controlling rules and regulations and fulfil the technical and environmental requirements in hydraulic and road construction.

The use of iron-silicate stone results in the following advantages for the environment:

  • Each cubic metre of iron-silicate stone avoids the excavation of some 1.4 m3 of rock and thus makes an important contribution to the sustainability of the existing raw materials.
  • The starting material of the natural ores is fully utilised.
  • The use of the environmentally friendly waterway is possible by direct connection to the production works.
  • The installation of iron-silicate stone as an open covering is a particularly space-saving construction method.
  • The favourable surface structure offers an optimal gap system for aquatic life.
  • Material consumption is very low on account of the long durability as a result of high resistance to weathering.